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Why Would I Use Fido Roam

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

First off, I just talked with your rep Simran, who reversed a Fido Roam fee I had been charged on a day I didn't use Fido. I was using a Mexican SIM card. Fido Roam cost $15 a day in Mexico. The SIM card gave me Canadian, U.S., and Mexican call and all the data I needed for one month. It cost about $20 in Canadian dollars. Why would I--or would anyone--use Fido Roam, especially in Mexico. 



Hello @erains,


The Fido Roam is meant for people who are traveling and want to use their Canadian number so that people in Canada can stay in contact with them and as a bonus, they can use their device in the country they travel to just as if they were in Canada.


You can always opt out of the Fido Roam or put a roaming block on your line by contacting customer service.