Thread for reporting SMS spam

Thread for reporting SMS spam

Thread for reporting SMS spam

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Thread for reporting SMS spam



  I have been forwarding my spam email-to-SMS to @FidoStephen via PMs to help improve the spam filter for


  Recently, another community member also posted a similar spam SMS they received. Perhaps a thread dedicated to collecting examples of these types of SMS spam might also help improve the spam filter.





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Re: Thread for reporting SMS spam

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Hey everyone,


Thanks so much for taking the time to flag all of these to us.


Now you can send any SMS spam you receive to the number 7726 (SPAM). This will submit the messages to be audited and potentially blocked from the network if confirmed to be spam.


All you need to do is forward the spam SMS to 7726. You can do this easily by pressing and holding on the body of the text and then press the forward button. No additional charges apply for this Smiley


Thanks again for all your help!

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Thanks for the screenshot @Cawtau.


This will help a lot so we can report this to our support team.





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I'm a Participant Level 1

Some family and I got this (remove underscores for real URL):


From +1 (226) 318-7299


Cher(e) Client(e) de Fldo: Malheureusement nous devons désactiver votre compte en ligne en raison d'un manque d'information. Veuillez utiliser le lien suivant pour régler le problème:





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Hey pre!


Welcome to the community!


Thanks for flagging this. We'll make sure that this get's forwarded to the right people. 

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I received this text which I think is a scam...
From: +1 (437) 991-2695
Dear fido User, Due to recent security update, we need you to verify some information's with us, click on secure link

Hey @Latenitebby


Thanks for flagging this! It's definitely a scam as we'd never ask you to update any information this way. 


Take a look at this blog post right here to see what the next steps should be Smiley

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Today is Nov 15th 2016. Just got a message from "14379912695" saying
"Dear fido User, Due to recent security update, we need you to verify some information's with us, click on secure link" . The text came with a link too. I didn't click it because the web address looks odd and the text has obvious grammatical errors. Where should I forward this message to authenticate?

Hi @4101may


Welcome to the Community!


Thanks for flagging this, that message is indeed a scam. 

We will never send a text message to you from a 10 digit number. You can delete it, I've just reported the number Smiley 


Thanks again and great job on catching this!



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Numéro: +1 (819) 432-3521

Les modalités de service de chez Fido viennent de changer. Veuillez visiter [URL] afin de les accepter avant votre prochain cycle.

The URL seems awfully legit: (Without _)

Hey @jblandry


Thanks for reporting this, we'll make sure it's flagged!


They are getting sneakier .. 

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  Here's another one from a fellow community member here.



Thanks for the heads up @Cawtau  Smiley .


I moved it to this thread! 



  Another one from a community member here.





  ...and another




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Hi Folks,


My daughter received an sms on her Fido Phone sent from 204 area code (masked number of course) asking her to re-enter her login credentials because her account was locked.  As such with any inexperienced teenager, she tried several times....LOL.


In the SMS has an embdded link, when u click on it, u are brought to a webpage that has the look n feel of the current site.  If you look closely at the URL, you will notice that it is not the standard but some variation like 


Pass the word out to your friends and family.




Thanks for sharing @silentbuddha



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I've received a scam message via SMS trying to phish for username/passwords. 

I received this on two separate lines.



From 604-363-9583


From: Fido mobile - As part of our security measures, our system has detected unsusual charges to a billing Fido online account. Please sign in and validate the required fieleds:




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Hello Bridgkick,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the head's up!



Hey @bridgkick


Thanks for the heads up! You're right we should not click on it! I also suggest you report these types of incidents to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre right here :





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Hello Cadorna,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the head's up!



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I received this text from 1-213-263-3682.  I didn't click on any links.  Went to my Fido account to see if I could get in or not.

Hi it's Fido: your online profile has been disactivated for security concerns. Please login to your account as soon as possible from the following link link: http ://fido /  desactivated- account.php?   id= 9 e 354173 9af 4bb5 f4bd5 1247 964d21 7...



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