Thread for reporting SMS spam

Thread for reporting SMS spam

Thread for reporting SMS spam

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Thread for reporting SMS spam



  I have been forwarding my spam email-to-SMS to @FidoStephen via PMs to help improve the spam filter for


  Recently, another community member also posted a similar spam SMS they received. Perhaps a thread dedicated to collecting examples of these types of SMS spam might also help improve the spam filter.





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Re: Thread for reporting SMS spam

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Hey everyone,


Thanks so much for taking the time to flag all of these to us.


Now you can send any SMS spam you receive to the number 7726 (SPAM). This will submit the messages to be audited and potentially blocked from the network if confirmed to be spam.


All you need to do is forward the spam SMS to 7726. You can do this easily by pressing and holding on the body of the text and then press the forward button. No additional charges apply for this Smiley


Thanks again for all your help!

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Hello UyenK13,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the information! You are correct, that message is most definitely spam and not from Fido. If you still have the message, you can copy it and forward it to 7726 (SPAM) for evaluation and addition to the spam filter (see here).


Hope this helps Smiley



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Text I received from # 902-776-0517

Please enjoy!

What I want to know is how these scammers got my number when I literally just registered on fido not long ago this is why I immediately thought it was a scammers. Is fido giving out numbers ? Or are these little cellular mall boutiques selling numbers for a profit cause honestly I have no idea why I'm receiving them.

Hey @Lethaldraven


We're definitely not giving out numbers. 


I can assure you that we're working hard on getting to the bottom of this for our customers! 

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I got a text message tonight from 1-604-338-6258 stating:

"Fido Alert: Fido Solutions has sent you a refund due to a billing error. Please accept your Money transfer by clicking the following link:" <link provided>.

I did not click the link. This doesn't seem right. Feedback?

Hey spinty02!


Just a heads up that I moved your post to this thread since it's about the same subject!

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Hello to all!


New to Fido and Canada. I received sms scam in the past and deleted them. Today i received a call from 4168478756. Automatic answer that i am the lucky one and air canada gives me 9999 $ plus more.....for your information.....



Thanks for sharing @Vagelis! You can also flag these calls to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Smiley




Hello @spinty02,


Welcome to the community!


That is definitely a spam text, you can forward it to Fido so they can try to stop these types of spam. 


All you need to do is forward the spam SMS to 7726 (SPAM). You can do this by pressing and holding on the body of the text and then press the forward button. You will not be charge any fees for doing this. 

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Hello Fido,


I've received a phishing text message from number (415) 549-3348. So just a heads up for anyone who is a customer and Fido to track them down. 

Their message contained this:


Hi it's Fido: your online access has been disabled due to an incorrect or missing information. Please login to your account as soon as possible to regain access of your account.

http:// fido-alert . net/ deactivated-account.php? id=9e3541739af4bb5f4bd51247964d2173 & number = <myphonenumber> 

^ Do not attempt to enter your information, I cut up the link for that purpose.




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Thanks for the heads up Cherubs,

We're working on a resolution to be able to block these SPAMS from our network Smiley

Just received a spam/phishing sms.


number: +16478775320


sms msessage: Your RBC Account is blocked. Click Here to restore your card access


Do not click on this link as it may have malware that could be downloaded into your phone.






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I moved your original post since we already had a similar one. Thanks for the report @silentbuddha!

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i received a message from a number 219 267 1672 who claimed to be Fido, and gave me a site of
to login my Fido account. I think it is a phishing website. Please watch out for this kind of fraud.



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Hello Reehcq,


  Welcome to the community!


  Thanks for the heads-up!! Smiley





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Thanks for the flags everyone. We're working hard to get these messages blocked.


Keep the examples coming!

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received a message your online profile has been disactivated for security concerns. Please login as soon as possible from the following link.

This text came from 12812588078 this number is registered in Texas. It is propably a scam,

has anyone received similar.

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I received this message, I was so stupid given out my name, date of birth and sin number., I thought something went wrong and stop, I guess its too late reply has been sent. Even asking me to update my credit card information. I was very upsad.



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Hello Ngcheck,


  Thanks again for the spam text info. I have forwarded it to the appropiate people at Fido...


  In light of the fact you unwittingly provided your personal information to them, have you taken the appropriate measures? At the very least you should change your passwords and cancel your credit card...


  You should also consider forwarding the text message to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. Fowarding the information to Fido will help prevent others from receiving the same texts. Since you provided personal information, the Anti-Fraud centre may be able to provide the link to authorities to possibly track the scammers.


  You should also consider the advice here. It may seem like a hassle, but any preventative measures taken now are definitely better than trying to sort out stolen identities after the fact.


  I'm sorry you have been deceived by those texts. As FidoRayna noted above, there is no need to feel stupid. It happens to the best of us. That's why it's so lucrative for the scammers. 


  What's done is done. Now you just need to protect yourself.


Hope this helps Smiley





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Thank you very much for your kind respond, I placed a fraud alert in my credit file at transunion and equifax, that's only thing I can do to prevent if anything happen. I will forwarding this scam web site to canadian anti fraud centre, hope they were able to do something.  Best regards, Titania



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Hey @ngcheck  , 


Don't feel stupid, it really happens to everyone and they are getting smarter and smarter with these messages. On our end, we're doing what we can to limit them. 


Did you take the appropriate measures to make sure your personal information is not used?