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$12 a day International Roaming in US is overpriced.

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

It's about time Fido and it's infamous-larger sibling Rogers "extract-the-finger" and reduce international romaing rates for US to $5... actual, most International Roaming should be $5 per day... other Telcos in simialr countries offer customers international Romaing Rates as low as that and they have to deal with the same Partner carriers as Rogers do.... so what's the reason a Telco on the same landmass, with as close a reslationship to the USA as Rogers, Bell & Telus don't offer this ?


I leave it to you to wonder but it's about time we start turning up the heat to the Execs in these companies.

Interntaional Roaming price to USA should be $5 per day! Enough of antu-competitive pricing in the Canadian Telco Market!