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Looking to watch a sweet vid or movie on your phone? Why not blow that image up using your own homemade projector?


All you need is a shoe box, a magnifying glass, a pair of scissors, tape, and some type of phone stand (you know, something to make your phone stand up).


Here’s how:


1- Cut a hole the size of your magnifying glass into the side of the shoe box.  

2- Tape the magnifying glass to the outside hole.

3- Place your phone on a stand inside the box.

4- Don’t’ forget to flip your screen (This is the secret)

    a) iPhone – go to settings > General > Accessibility and turn on AssistiveTouch. Once this is on, a little white orb will appear. Click on the orb and go to Device > Rotate Screen. This will allow you to flip the application you are using.

    b) Android – you have to download a screen rotation app to be able to do this.

5- Close the box and reduce the light in the room to a minimum.




And voila! Enjoy the show and don’t forget the popcorn! : ) So what are we watching?