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Hey Community!


Today, people around this beautiful planet of ours are celebrating the 46th Earth Day and we’re stoked!  Just to be clear though, Earth isn’t 46 years old, it would just appear we waited a bit before assigning it an anniversary date lol.


In the spirit of this wonderful day, we would like to ask you this following question:  Are you registered for online billing?


If you’ve answered no, today would be a great day to register don’t you think? Very_Happy


Registering for online billing allows you to take advantage of the following sweet features:


  • Ability to download, print and save a PDF version of bills.
  • Access up to 18 months of bill history.
  • Ability to see full usage details, including a breakdown of charges
  • Ability to download bill details to a spreadsheet to further analyze usage
  • Ability to manage your account and make online payments.
  • Monthly email from Fido when the online bill is ready to let you know your balance.  We even include a link to view your bill
  • Increased level of coolness

Convinced yet? 


Here’s how to register:


1- Go to and register or log-in to My Account.





2- Under the Profilesection, click on the pencil beside Billing Type.


Image 2.png


Image 3.png



3- Select Online.


Image 4.png



4- Click Save.


5- Enjoy the awesomeness of online billing



Did we mention that with online billing you can view your invoice from anywhere, via any device, at any time?  

Here’s even more info for you, along with some useful vids Smiley


Happy Earth Day everyone!