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Hey everyone!


Fido XTRA is known for giving customers access to deals and freebies from leading brands on food, drinks, apparel, entertainment, and more. From October 10 - 16, for the first time ever through Fido XTRA, customers had the chance to say which of three amazing causes they wanted Fido to support. By the end of the week, nearly 15,000 responses were submitted and $30,000 was shared proportionally to the participants’ choices. Customers who felt like giving back more had the chance to make their own donations as well.


Here’s a bit more about the three causes and the final donations from Fido:


  • Forest Recovery Canada - $17,260.40
    • Forest Recovery Canada is a tree-planting initiative dedicated to restoring forests and ensuring their health. They work with private and public landowners and municipalities nationwide to fight the devastating effects of climate change. Lear more


  • Swab the World - $6,986.50
    • Swab The World aims to boost the ethnic diversity of stem cells and bone marrow donors worldwide because patients from all ethnic backgrounds deserve a better fighting chance. Lear more


  • Canada Learning Code - $5,753.10
    • Canada Learning Code’s mission is to ensure that all Canadians have access to the knowledge they need to succeed in our digital world. They offer technology education programs for everyone, while placing a special emphasis on women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth and newcomers. Lear more


This was a first for Fido XTRA and a great success!


Thanks again for showing your support and interest in making a difference!