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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

MVP Banner.jpg


Hey Community,  


We said it many times, but we are always working hard to improve this Community. That being said, we are thrilled to announce a few changes to the MVP program. You may want to sit down for this 😏


Firstly, we would like to reveal a new tier in the program: Senior MVP.


That’s right! Esteemed MVPs of reputable standing may now be considered for the Sr. MVP status.


Equally exciting, we’ve also revised the MVP Program perks. As you know, MVPs are not Fido employees, so we thought it was important to show our appreciation for all the help they provide in our Community. You can check out these new perks and all the details on the program on the MVP page. We think you’ll find them particularly enticing 😁


Pretty cool addition to the program isn’t it? 


And now, without further ado, please join us in congratulating the following members:


Congratulations!! Thank you for being so dedicated to the Community and helping our members. The Community wouldn’t be the same without you!


So who’s next to step up to the plate and become the next MVP? 😎



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