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Fido assessment of their radio network through the app

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I recently put the Fido app on my iPhone. As I was setting up the app I was asked if I wanted the app to send Fido signal strength and location information to help them assess their radio network. I said Yes to this request. The instructions said the app needs to remain open on the phone for this feedback to work, but I noticed that after a day or so the app says “Your session has timed out. Log in again.”

Question: for the app to give Fido network feedback do I need to remain logged in on the app?


Hi there @agd21 , you do not need to be signed in to Fido account for network monitoring. It is location-based monitoring not individual customer monitoring. Feel free to close your app whenever you want. When you open it next it will do a network health check. Hope that answers your question