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My wifi will not stay connected. If turn screen off then come back later, completely random whether Wi-Fi will turn on and connect or not. And toggle to turn on Wi-Fi often won't stay on, have to repeatedly keep flicking it on. This is annoying. What...
I just had to post that.  :manlol: The battery lasts long enough.  Everything runs fine, it's super speedy and I'm addicted to LTE speeds. I don't lose network connection, I haven't had a purple lock screen, the sound quality of music is phenomenal a...
Hello, I love my Motorola Razr HD.  It works perfectly fine for me, I have had none of the problems I have seen reported here.  It is a Fido phone, not an unlocked model.  I was wondering tho'.... on the lock screen, you can go to four different thin...
Hi, I've owned my Xperia U locked to Fido for over a year and been quite happy with it.  Very recently, in the last couple months, I have noticed that the phone will lose the mobile data connection.  I only notice this when running an app (Facebook, ...
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