Tip: Web Browsing on multiple devices

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I'm a Participant Level 2

Tip: Web Browsing on multiple devices

In today's digital age of smartphones and tablets, we often switch devices many times a day. Want to continue browsing from where you left off on your laptop or tablet on your phone? 


Use Google's chrome web browser on your laptop and app on your smartphone/tablet, and sign-in to the browser using your google account. Now, when you open a new tab on any device, it will show you what tabs you have open on all your devices, and you can easily continue from where you left off.


As an example, I find it super helpful when I find a good recipe on my laptop, but then use my phone in the kitchen where I do the cooking and where space is limited. No longer need to search again and refind the recipe, I can easily continue right where I left off!


Hope this helps : )




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