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Five tips for better battery life

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

There are many ways to keep your battery healthy and your phone charged below I will share five tips as Fido is turning five years old it's only suitable to give five amazing tips. Tip number one
Always drain your phone to 0% before charging it this will ensure a full cycle has been completed and will help you preserve your battery life for longer. Tip number two
If you find your phone is taking longer to charge a great way to charge it faster is by putting your phone in airplane mode and plugging it up to the charger this will greatly decrease the amount of time it takes to charge your battery to full
Tip number three
Apple also offers the battery option in settings which is an amazing tool to find out which app is draining your battery the most this will help you take action to save battery life to find This options go into settings and then battery Apple also offers tips with in this section to help people save battery life
Number four
One of the best ways to keep your battery life is by turning off location services Bluetooth and Wi-Fi off when you are not using these services Wi-Fi especially drains battery life because it keeps scanning for networks when you are not connected, same thing with Bluetooth and location services as always Active in the background so is draining battery life constantly if you don't disable it

Number five

Avoid using third-party chargers as the cheaper ones can damage your battery affect the power cycle and in the long run this will definitely decrease the performance of your battery always buy original or Apple approved chargers especially the brick



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