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Samsung Galaxy S6 Tips and Tricks


Thought I would drop these tips here for all my fellow S6 users. These tips were borrowed from my friends over at XDA.



Double tap home button to launch the camera in under one second. Disable the double-tap quick launch in the camera options to get rid of the delay when pressing the home button. It's a neat feature, but makes the home button much more quicker. 

Go into your App drawer and long press an icon as if you want to move/delete it. The small circles with the red '-' sign will let you either delete an app (if third-party) or disable it (if built-in).


Hold the power key for more than 7 seconds and the device will reboot. Hold VolUp+Home+Power to boot into recovery. Hold VolDown+Home+Power to boot into Download Mode.

Whenever you want to take a "selfie", you can simply frame the image first, and then put your finger on the heart rate sensor under the LED light at the back in order to take one.

When downloading a large file (30+ MB) and you have LTE AND are near WiFi, activate Download Booster! Settings--->More Connection Settings--->Download Booster. It combines both your WiFi and LTE connections into one for amazing DL speeds.

Notification reminders! Settings--->Accessibility--->Notification reminders.

Private mode... You can hide content from prying eyes, including photos, videos, music, web history, and such. To activate it, go to Settings--->Privacy and safety--->Private mode.

Do Not Disturb mode. Dare I say... Better than Google's implementation of "priority notification only" mode. You can set a schedule for it, who IS/ISN'T allowed to contact you while it's on, etc.

Screen Pinning. Go to Lock Screen and Security--->Other Security Settings--->Pin Windows.

Customize your screen grid (4x4, 4x5 or 5x5) by pinching in when on the home screen.

Developer Options.. To enable this, go to Settings--->About Device--->Tap "Build Number" 10 times and you will unlock Developer Options!

Make your device a bit faster by going to Developer Options and setting window animation scale, transition animation scale & animator duration scale all to 0.5.

When you are in an app (Chrome, Gallery .... whatever) and you drag your finger from the upper right corner to somewhere in the middle of the screen the app shrinks which makes it more usable with one hand. 

You can have changing lockscreen wallpapers by changing it in the settings and selecting multiple wallpapers in the selection box. 

For those having issues with Snapchat videos, go into Developer settings (see #13) and uncheck Nuplayer.

For better results with the fingerprint scanner, register your thumb multiple times for it to be more accurate.

Screenshot by holding power+home at the same time or using palm swipe to capture (turn on in settings).

Direction lock... Settings-->Accessibility. New way of unlocking your phone.

Under voice wake you can use Svoice to set a custom phrase to wake up the phone directly to listening for a command. 

If you rest any registered fingers over the scanner, it'll light up which registry it is. Helpful is you need to redo the fingerprint. 

Cell standby drain? Go into recovery mode and wipe your cache, power off phone completely then reboot.

Go to the dialer, and press the green dial button. It will load the last dialed number. 

The volume down button can be used to take pictures when the camera app is running. 

Use volume keys in default messaging app to increase/decrease font size. 

If you want to enable grayscale without going into super power saving mode, go to settings -> personal -> accessibility -> direct access and turn both direct access on and grayscale. Once you do this, a triple tap of the home button will toggle grayscale on and off. 

Pinch in/out in the Gallery increases/decreases the number of the thumbnails. Swipe right from the left edge of the screen shows a panel for the albums. 


Free up ram.Go to Smart manager app / ram/ manage apps. There you can Auto stop apps. Also in the smart manager app. You can clean the system at the bottom of the app.


Press and hold on recent apps button to have 2 apps loaded in split screen
Press and hold home button to load google now


When ulocking a phone with fingerprint just touch the pad shortly (dont wait with your finger on touch pad until it unlocks) and it unlocks immediatelly.



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Those are awesome!


Thank you so much, there's a lot of cool stuff in there. 



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I'm a participant level 3

Awsome tips, thanks!