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Samsung Photo tips

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I have discovered in my camera settings two things that will make finding your camera and taking photos easier! 


1. Turn on quick launch. With Quick Launch, you can quickly press your Home key twice and launch the camera, even from the screen saver. This helps you get the unexpected, fast shot you might miss when you have to unlock your phone to launch the camera...  It does not unlock your phone, so the only images you'll be able to see are the ones you take in that moment, still  keeping your phone secure until you actually unlock it.


2. Turn on voice commands. So many times I get the camera in the perfect angle for the shot, but then end up moving it in order to take the picture. With Voice Commands, I have the option of just telling the phone (using the words "Capture", "Smile", "Cheese", "Shoot" and "Record Video") to take the pictures or videos. No more dropped phones, no more blurry shots, and better selfies as I don't need two hands to take a photo.