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I'm the new Data King

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Hello Fido Members! 

I'm the new data King. I've been living off a wifi only plan with the convient apps in the market place that are cheap phone number alteratives.  Being a youth use to the internet and these minor incoveinces and not a real problem in my life, My only true need is mobile data, If I don't have data, then I tend to stay where there's wifi for my messaging.  

My main need for mobile data is for

1.Facebook Messenger | 

2.Google Hangouts |

3.Google Hangouts Dialer | <------Free calls to canada and the usa 

4.NextPlus | <---My texting app \ Free in calls

5.Google Maps |

6.That Google search when your out and about

7. .ect 

NO ID or Bad Credit
Fido Pre Payed - Pay Per Use + Data Add on is currenty the cheapest Data only plan in canada
Rogers has no pay per use. They require you to have the text plan Same with koodo. The other providers dont want to do this kind of plan for people. 

User Has to migrate from the above pre payed plan to the tablet plan 
Has to be a BYOD 
There service will contienue to work even while on the adjustment call with *611 for prepayed to post payed
SMS is <25C out> <Free in>

MMS is <50 out> , <Free In>
Calls are 1$? 45/C per min 
*611 is still free Very_Happy 
1gb/10$ overage

I currently have the 3gb tablet plan on my lg g4 for 15$, Thats all I ever wanted for my glorified ipod touch 


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Former Moderator

Hi @Jakethecanadien


Thanks for sharing. Smiley