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How come my Restore did not save home screens, sounds, etc?

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I had to do a Factory Reset and I backed up my data using my Google account.  I had understood (perhaps incorrectly) that my home screen layouts would be restored too so that my phone would basically be the same as before the Reset. I am also missing the SwiftKey app... it was reinstalled in my apps but not enabled. My system sounds/vibrations are all changed too.


Should I have used a different methodology to perform my backup/restore?




Fido Employee
Fido Employee

There are different ways to backup your device but it depends on the software provided by the manufacturer. For example, if your device is a Samsung, they are providing Kies 3 software to backup and restore their devices via the computer and it has more features than backing up to Google account. What brand is your device?

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Yeah, Im on Samsung.


Does Samsung Kies backup the home screens as well as system sound selections?

What can I backup and restore from my device by using Kies 3?


You can create a backup of contacts, call logs, videos, photos, messages, memos, email account information, ringtones, other files and much more. You can view the complete list of content that can be backed up by using Kies 3 in the window that will appear once you click Backup/ Restore tab.

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I dont want to install Kies until I know for sure what it does and doesnt back up.

I'll research it. If not as good as MyBackup Pro, i'll stick to MyBackup Pro which allows me to schedule weekly dumps to DropBox.

Fido Employee
Fido Employee

What Google Backs Up Automatically

By default, Google backs up most types of data you care about and associates it with the appropriate Google service, where you can also access it on the web.

  • Contacts, Email, and Calendars: Your Android contacts are synced with your Google contacts online (you can access these contacts from Gmail or on the dedicated Google Contacts page), your email is safely stored in your Gmail account, and calendar events are synced with Google Calendar.
  • Chrome Browser Data: If you use the Chrome browser, your bookmarks synchronize with your Chrome sync account. In newer versions of Android on some phones, the stock browser syncs with your Chrome bookmarks as well.
  • Google Talk Chat Logs: Google Talk chat logs are stored in your Gmail account, assuming you haven’t disabled chat logging in Gmail.
  • Some System Settings: Android also synchronizes some other system settings – for example, Android stores saved passphrases for Wi-Fi networks and retrieves them on each Android device you use.
  • Apps and Other Purchased Content: Any apps you have purchased (or installed) are linked with your Google account. When you set up a new Android device (or enter your account after resetting your Android phone or tablet to factory default settings), Android will offer to automatically download and install the apps you previously had installed. You can also view apps you have previously installed in the Google Play app, so you won’t forget which apps you have used (or purchased). Other content you purchase from Google Play is also tied to your Google account.
  • Some Third-Party App Data: Third-party apps often, but not always, sync their data with web services. If you have an app containing data important to you, be sure to check whether it syncs data online before wiping or getting rid of your phone.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it should give you some idea of what’s backed up automatically. The most important things are backed up automatically, so you don’t need to worry about losing your email, contacts, apps, or even saved Wi-Fi passphrases.


What Google Doesn’t Back Up

Now that we’re covered what Google does automatically back up, let’s take a look at what they don’t:

  • SMS Messages: Android doesn’t back up your text messages by default. If having a copy of you text messages is important to you, follow our guide to backing up your text messages to your Gmail account.
  • Google Authenticator Data: For security reasons, Google doesn’t synchronize your Google Authenticator codes online. If you wipe your Android device, you’ll lose your ability to perform two-step authentication. You can still authenticate via SMS or a printed authentication code and then set up a new device with new Google Authenticator codes.
  • Game Progress: Google provides an “Android Backup Service” that allows developers to back up their data and have it automatically restored in the future. However, you’ll find that many apps don’t take advantage of this feature. If you’re playing Angry Birds or Cut the Rope and you get a new phone or perform a factory restore, you will notice that your game progress was erased and you have to restart from the beginning. Some games may back up your data, but be warned that many do not.
  • Logins: You will have to log into the apps you use on each new device. For example, Google won’t remember your Netflix password – you will have to enter it into the Netflix app each time you get a new device or restore your device to factory defaults.
  • App Settings: Many other app settings aren’t backed up by default. Whether it’s preferences in an app you use or alarms you’ve created in the Clock app, they probably aren’t backed up online. Some third-party apps contain backup features that export the app’s data to a local file, which you must then keep track of manually (perhaps by uploading it to Google Drive).

This isn’t an exhaustive list, either. Much of this will depend on the individual apps you use and whether they back up your data or not.

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Thanks for the clarification.


At this point, I've decided to give MyBackup Pro a try.

Lots of positive reviews and probably most extensive backup app available (includes home screens).

I never tried MyBackup Pro but looking at the general specs and what it does it seems to meet your needs. Unfortunately this is an app you have to pay for and I just don't like paying for apps. However, it doesn't cost much and it could save you headache, I'm also against headaches, so good luck, I hope this app works well for you Smiley