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upgrading my phone

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

right now i have a blackberry curve that is broken and this is my 3rd time having to get it fixed so i am sick and tired of this phone. 


i want to upgrade my phone to any phone really but i have to buy out my phone. every month i pay $25 and $25 x 19 months = 475!!!!!!!!!!!


is there any other way of being able to upgrade my phone?


and what's with the whole tab 24/36?? 



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I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

What do you mean by having to 'buy out your phone?' It sounds like you are under a contract with a mobile carrier and you still have 19months on your contract. and if you want to terminate your contract the mobile carrier is charging you $25 per month, totaling $475 to break your contract?


If you are with Fido I really don't think Fido charges that way and you are mistaken on the fees. I suggest you contract your mobile carrier and ask about your contract termination costs.


You can upgrade your phone by either paying full price for a month to month plan or sign into a tab24/36 agreement with Fido and get the phone for a subsidized price.


tab24/36 is essentialy a 2/3yr contract with Fido, the benefit is that if you cancel your plan after 90 days, the 'buy out' fee is very reasonable.  For more info check it will explain it better than I can on this post.