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not registered on network

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Replaced screen on samsung A10S everything works except cant register on network  


It seems to see sim card as it shows my phone number etc 


I have updated the software on the phone. The apn info is all correct


put sim card in another phone and it works fine..


Any ideas ??



Hello @goodsgrocery,


Try doing this, with the phone on take out the SIM card then go to settings-> Apps search for SIM toolkit open it then go to storage and clear data then go to permissions tap on the burger menu at the top (the 3 dots) then all permissions tap on each option you see in there and tap on OK. Now go back and tap on force stop after that restart the phone do not put the SIM card in as yet.


Once the phone has fully turned on put the SIM back in and see if it works.