motorola raza HD wifi issue

motorola raza HD wifi issue

motorola raza HD wifi issue

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motorola raza HD wifi issue

Anyone have a problem with wifi staying connected?

my wifi signal is cutting in and out randomly. It will cut out for about a few seconds and reconnect.

I have several other Wifi devices that connect to my Tplink Router just fine. Laptops, IPad, etc.. All work great.

It happened before. And after I updated it to Jellybean, it still happens.



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Any ideas anyone?  Why would one specific device have difficulties staying connected but not others?


Perhaps the device is defective MichaelQu, 


Do you experience the same issue with other WiFi connections?

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Same issues here, Verison have a new update coming out in the next few days hopefully Fido will follow soon and this fixes it.


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Having similar problems. Wi-Fi turns off by itself or suddenly all available networks disappear. Trying to get the toggle to stay on is evena chore. Hope there is fix soon