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iPhone SE stopped making calls, or connecting to data

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I ordered a 2020 iPhone SE last month directly from Apple, swapped my sim in and off I went. The last couple of days, I noticed that my data isn't working, and I can't make calls anymore. I changed the apn settings from ltedata.apn to ltemobile.apn and that worked for a few hours. Now it's not working again. 

Does anyone have working apn settings?



edit: Before anyone asks, no my account isn't in arrears, there are no outstanding payments, and roaming isn't turned off or anything.



Hey @galuple ! Smiley


I'm sorry to learn that you're having difficulty using your services with your new phone.

Our APN settings are listed here, but iPhone APNs are usually configured automatically, once the Fido SIM card is inserted.

Could you perhaps try out a SIM card from another provider in the phone, to see if you get the same result?