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iPhone 5 not working after upgrading

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So yesterday I upgraded my phone. I went to the Apple Store and had it done there since I know they'll have it in stock.


I was advised to wait up to 1 hour from when we were done for my new phone to receive service, and service from my old phone would be cut off. No big deal. If I didn't receive service within the hour, I was told call Fido or come back to the store. I left the mall right after so coming back to the Apple Store that day was not possible.


I never had service to my new phone.


Also, my old phone still works.


I called Fido today and the representative told me it was some sort of LTE delay (don't quite remember). He then told me he was going to "reset" (?) it and I was instructed to turn off my device in question, wait 10 minutes then turn it back on.


I turned both my old and new device off for 15 minutes and turned them back on and no change whatsoever.


What now?







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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Richard,


It sounds to me as though your LTE SIM may not have been activated. Is it working now? If so, what was the issue?