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iPhone 5 - data issues, service drops

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently purchased my iPhone 5 the other day and have been having issues with my data...why does it keep switching over to E - isn't 3G a lot faster?? Not only this but it'll drop the signal totally - and NO SERVICE will pop up occasionally. It is very annoying as I am always on my 3G network. 

To be honest, my iPhone 4's data was faster than this...I know i am not in an LTE area as of yet - I hope it comes out soon...but what gives? 

My data is bruuuuutally SLOW, then drops, works for 5 minutes and does the same thing over again.

I returned my first iPhone because of this problem and was advised to just get a new one...the wifi on this one is better (last one, not so much) but the bars keep going down too where with the 4 I got full strength. 


Am I missing something?? 



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I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Well I have been with fido many years and as is the case with all carriers, sometimes there are outages and things come back to normal. It does not happen all that often so ease up.


Having said that, i too, noticed exactly the same thing today. Unable to connect to LTE. Only 3G but even that keeps going on and off and sometimes to Edge and sometimes to no data at all. Sometimes the 3G was showing but no actual internet connection. what kills me is that at 845pm I had enough nd called Fido. The guy said there was no outage anywhere and said he would just resend my data profile wirelessly to the phone and to call back if I still had problems. Since it was getting close to 9pm I asked if they would still be open. He said, sure, there are call centers out west open till 9pm so everything would be open for me till midnight EST. Well his little fix did nothing (I didnt expect it to) and when I found the time to call back half an hour later...guess what...all our offices are now closed is the message I get! That is what I deplore. Tech support that ends at 9pm and closed on weekends. It is not acceptable for a communications company where issues can happen any time. 


Hopefully Wednesday will be a better day! If anyone has any better luck, post it so we can all confirm. I am in Montreal, by the way.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

You're not alone. I have the exact same problem. Not impress with fido. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.