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how to extend text messaging onto extended memory? LG GOSSIP (GW300FD)

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I'm sure all you LG gossip owners face the same issue.  When you hit about 200 messages you have to delete them to receive more.


Does anyone know how to setup the LG Gossip to extend messaging space onto an extended memory card?  So far it only uses the built in memory and the fido SIM card memory (which is basically nothing)....



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi spiritofelric,


Besides pages 26 to 28, I found this on page 62 of the user guide;


"Press Menu and select Settings,

choose Memory Info.

You will then see the current status of the memories in your GW300FD. If you insert an external memory card

in your phone, you can also select Primary storage settings then choose the default location you prefer

items to be saved to."


Other than this your best bet would be to contact LG Canada. 

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

I don't think there is a way because the same options presented by FidoFrank are available on the LG Xenon and it just changed where photos, videos, and music would be saved, not text messages. That is a really why I love my iPhone over all the basic phones available; you can have unlimited texts stored.