galaxy nexus. jelly bean update.

galaxy nexus. jelly bean update.

galaxy nexus. jelly bean update.

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galaxy nexus. jelly bean update.

Who's been able to get a hold of the jelly bean os through Fido?
And where are you located? Maybe this will give everyone an idea of when the roll out is in our area...



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there are a number of videos     the one I used was on a forum and done by the fellow who did the "toolkit"


I am not 'up-to-speed'....the phone I replaced with the Galaxy Nexus was a Nokia 6310i that I used for abiut 15 years


I think it's wise to be apprehensive, but if you do the research and a lot of reading you can do it too


the reason I posted my original message was to encourage folks like you to at least 'look into' doing it as well, and by 'look into' I don't mean just read one post and throw up your hands and just complain away.


my phone is now running JellyBean 4.1.1 and successfully to

(I don't use any data plan, just wireless,so I can't vouch for that side)

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There are numerous threads here about this - too many.      I too had a Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.1.


Google released 4.0.4 on March 28, Verizon did their update May 30th, and, to this point, nothing at all from Fido despite this being an unlocked phone and there is no requirement for doing anything to the update on their part as far as I can see.


My phone is now running ICS 4.1.1 . 


I am retired and upgraded to my Galaxy Nexus from a Nokia 6310i within the past month.

If I can do this, anyone can !!


I used "Galaxy Nexus Toolkit v7.8" and had no problems whatsoever.


It is apparent that Fido cares not about me, you or anyone, so far as this matter goes - stop the p**sing, b**ching, and moaning.


If it's important to you, do it yourself.

Do your homework, read, read and read some more - THEN DO IT !

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well i think everyone is a noob and if there was a nice& clean video on how to flash yakju then we wouldnt be complaining.


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Nothing for me yet. I m at blainville.
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Can anyone tell me what the last update they successfully received on the Galaxy Nexus was??

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Nobody has received any update for the galaxy nexus yet.
Only updte was for the nexus s and they got jb
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No updates at all ?!?!  Not 4.0.2 to 4.04 ?!?!?


Why ?!?