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exchanging iphone 4 to a new iphone 4

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

hi there,

just want to ask,my iphone is so hard to get the signal especially when i'm at home...i dont enjoy the unlimitted callings that i have coz my callers keeps complaining on my i called fido technical support and exchange the iphone 4 that they have sent me..the problem is 1st it is refurbished iphone 4 and 2nd is it is hard to get signal too..pls let me know if i just can go directly to the store let the technician look at it and if they cannot resolve the problem can i return it with a brand new iphone 4?pls let me know...thanks



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I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

Don't let the fact that the exchange units might be refurbs put you off. The unit you sent back to them wasn't brand new either, since you had been using it. The refurbs are in as good or better shape than the new units, because the have been restored and have been through a second, even more thorough QA cycle. In any case, if you exchange it at Apple, you have no way to know if it is brand new or refurbed. They do exchanges from separately received exchange stock. Some of this exchange stock is new, some is refurb, there is no way to tell at the store level. They come in brown boxes. All you will know is that it is an exchange unit, but not whether it was new or refurbed.

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2

dont waste your time with fido tech support. All iphone related hardware issues will one way or another go directly to apple.

I was having a horrible echo problem a few weeks back. I just took my phone (which is still under warranty from apple- 1 year is standard i believe) and they replaced my phone at the apple store on the spot. Just tell them you tried everything that fido tech support wanted you to try, and that you looked on the net for a fix.


Best of luck with this!