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Wrong Bill

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I just received the bill and it is charged $67.8. I recalled that I had a conversation with the representative, she gave me a discount of $35 plus tax for 20gb, which means $39.55 in total. I agreed. I have kept a snapshot of  the conversation between us about the discount (I have chosen to keep the whole record by email, but I haven't received any so far...)
Today, I just clicked in the Fido App and check the new payment. I cannot believe that the charges are $67.8 (even more expensive than my original amounts, and very obviously the new discount is not included). I am so disappointed and feel furious of this. I was a fan of fido. I had chosen fido when I was a student in Vancouver since 2016, and now when I come back to Toronto, I am still picking fido. However, I cannot believe the wrong payment was happened on me and I am now feeling cheated. 
I will seriously review if I should still pick Fido.....

Hi there @stebec , was that amount on your bill or Fido's app which shows you your plan and breakdown of charges. The payment of the device charges will show the full amount and is then shown as a credit on your plan, separate from the device. If that is your billable amount that is incorrect, then you will have to contact Fido customer support to have this looked at and corrected. I will suggest a dm to fidosolutions on Twitter and have someone look at your account to make any changes required.