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Wifi signal disappearing Optimus L7

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a new Optimus L7 and it won't connect to my work WiFi.


The signal is very strong and my PC connects correctly with no problems.

I have the correct password.

When I type in the password on the phone, the signal level seems to drop to nothing and the status shows "Saved", then "Connecting" alternately changing every half a second or so.


What's going on? This is the first WiFi network I've tried to connect to.


Thanks in advance



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi ajrendall,


This may be due to a restriction on the router at your work. Some routers allow you to block certain devices / types of devices from connecting. If possible, you can ask whoever the admin is at your work place if the router is set to static IP. They may also have more information on why you cannot connect to it.


Have you been able to connect to other Wi-Fi networks since your post?


Anyone else have any ideas?