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Data connection not working on no name brand phone.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello! Two days ago I switched my plan to the 40$ a month plan with 200 MB of data service and caller Id with voicemail. Voicemail and Caller ID works just fine, but I can't access the internet. Until I get to go pick up my Sony XPERIA I'm stuck with a no name brand Smart phone purchased from Hong Kong. It greatly resembles the Samsung Galaxy S2, with the same menu styles and everything. I already set my data connection to my Fido number, but I still can't get a connection! I know it's capable of getting a connection, I can connect to anyones WIFI connection.





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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi geno9875,


You may be able to find your answer by clicking here.


Hope this helps.