Which "free" phone is best?

Which "free" phone is best?

Which "free" phone is best?

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Which "free" phone is best?

Hello everyone,


My contract is up for renewal in July and I want to upgrade my phone.  


I currently have an lg gossip pro.  It crashes alot and its very annoying.


For now, I don't want to pay extra for a "good" phone.  


I wanted to get a general sense of which of the 0$ phones are the best.


I would consider myself an average user.  I dont have a data plan, and use wi fi when available.  


Any suggestions?



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I'd say HTC One S is the best $0 phone (on a smart plan).
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my step daughter just got the Ace 2, its $20 on a 2 year so hopefully you have a couple fido$, I would recommend this one myself.