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Vivaz Pro - problem with sending email attachments - change the default "Outgoing mail" settings

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

For those who have trouble sending e-mails(particularly sending e-mails with attachments) directly from your Vivaz Pro, please read on:


Messaging Tools (e-mails):

There is an e-mail tool within the messaging feature (not "MobileMail", which is another e-mail application came with the phone, see below for more information), this tool allows you to send e-mails with attachments and allow you to setup an e-mail account with your own desired domain.


Click on "Messaging" in the Main Menu, you will see a few preset e-mail domains provided, click any one of them (say, Windows Live, if you want to set up an e-mail account using that domain) or you can click on "Options" & choose "Create New" to create an new e-mail account.


Then click on Options > Connection Settings > Incoming email / Outgoing email


Whether you are using one of the preset or creating a new one, make sure the Outgoing email settings are correctly setup as follow:

Outgoing mail server:

Security: SSL/TLS

Port: Default


*And certainly, you need to enter your email address and password as well...


The default "Incoming email" settings are correct and properly configured, so don't need to change anything, unless you are creating a new profile of your own, then you need to find out the proper Incoming mail server+settings with the domain provider.


Mobile Mail:

Many of you may be using the e-mail application, "MobileMail" which came with the phone to send/receive emails. MobileMail does not require you to put in the outgoing / incoming mail box settings; you just to add your corresponding account names and password start sending / receiving e-mails; however, Mobilemail does support sending an e-mail with attachment(s). Moreover, MobileMail is only setup with a pre-defined set of e-mail domains, i.e.., Rogers, Yahoo!, Windows Live/Hotmail and Gmail only. It does not seem like you can log into an e-mail account that is not belonging to one of the pre-defined domain(s), even though there is an option saying, "Other Email", that option just won't work at all.



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I'm qualified level 1



NOTE TO about creating a forum section called HOW TO's...

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Great tips, thank you!




I'll pass along your idea; definitely a category to consider.