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Used data without having a data plan!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


  Could you tell me how much is charged for 1MB of data if I don't have any data plan? And also where can I monitor my usage? and when it will be included in the bill? I am using smartphone.





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I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Pay Per Use - $0.05 per KB up to 500 KB AND $0.01 per KB over 500 KB ( monthly )


first you will know your bill cycle. Any and all usage will show on next bill.


Example : let's say your bill cyle start on Jan/18...thus all usage between Jan/18 and Feb/17 will show up on next bill which should be issued a few days after Feb/18


note: if you do not wish to see the data day pass screen then you will need to call up customer service to advise them that you are going to use using data on PPU


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Hey everyone!

Although this thread is quite old, I'd like to add a little update since I came across it .

Data Passes – One-time fee

Data Passes are great if you want to try using data services for the first time or if you only plan to use data a couple times a month on your mobile phone. If you reach your data limit or your pass expires, you’ll be notified and given the option to purchase another one.


Note that Data Passes are only available to customers who are on voice-only plans.


-Data Day pass (24 hours)              /  $1              /    20 MB1


-Data Week pass (168 hours)   / $5  /  100 MB1


-Data Month pass (31 days)     / $ 10 /    200 MB1

For more details please visit :



Hope this helps!

I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Exactly, if you don't have a data add-on for your line, you will not be charged a prorated amount. That is, you will be directly each time to a webpage Mallah has has quoted above AND receive a text message from 3330 saying you've attempted to use an application without a valid data add-on. To avoid the messages/annoying text messages, I recommend turning data off in your phone's settings. Please note if you turn off your device's data option, you will not longer be able to send/receive PICTURE/VIDEO (MMS) messages which require a data connection to function. This will not affect your device's internet use over WIFI.