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Unlocked phone displays roaming while on Fido network

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I purchased an unlocked 9780 to use with Fido because they only had the Curve, and since I started using it, it says the following when I go to the top bar on the home screen > under 'Set Up, Services and Options' > Service Status > under Mobile Voice : Status = Roaming. 


BUT the Fido SIM card is in it, (and it fully recognizes that the provider is Fido (as it says so in that same area as the above)) AND it's connected to the Fido network! I know other people with the same phone but are on 2 other service providers and their phones say 'Connected' or "Available' etc.


How do I solve this problem? Because it is not a Fido phone, so tech support can't help me, and they already did a 'Reset Switch' on the account and that didnt do anything. Btw, I've restarted the phone using all the methods already: alt+caps+del twice, full power off , and taken the battery out...


I'm worried about the charges this might incur because I'm on the unlimited plan, and if I'm roaming, absolutely nothing is covered (voice or data). Multiple notes have been made on my account to avoid roaming charges, but every time I call to make sure of that they add another one because the note 'disappeared' (I think this is due technical issues. I set up my account during a time when the site wasnt working and I've had a lot of problems since then). 



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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


Is that information still accurate 5 years later though? Seems okay, but I dont know what's covered or not by the zones mentioned...

Hello resh2rei,

Basically, your handset thinks it is roaming because it was meant to be used on a different provider than the one it is currently on.

This is a fairly common issue with unlocked handsets and will not incur any over usage as long as you are on the Fido/Rogers network.