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Transferring to micro sim question

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

So my mom will be getting the Nokia Lumia 520 from Rogers (will work with Fido) and right now her sim is one of those regular sized ones so she will need a micro sim. If she goes to a Fido store and buys the micro sim card will they transfer her phone number and prepaid balance onto the new sim card for her? Since there's option to do that online for prepaid. 




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I'm helpful level 3
I'm helpful level 3

If the store rep cannot swap the SIMs then you’ll have to call Fido.


If you call Fido on the prepaid account of your mother tell the CSR that you want to register a new SIM and they will activate it. The old SIM will also be on your mother’s account but inactive and at any point in time you can call Fido and activate the old SIM back but keep in mind that you can have only one SIM active at any time. While I cannot guaranty the above, this is what I was told and this is what I’ve done, had a regular size SIM and activated a new Fido micro SIM.


BTW, the part “work with Fido” could turn out to be a very tricky one. From my experience regarding this issues I wouldn’t trust any CSR, sales associate or friend unless that friend had a Rogers locked Nokia 520 that worked with a Fido SIM. From what others have posted over the years it seems that only a few phones will work and most will need to be unlocked but who knows, good luck.


PS. You cannot change/update your SIM if you login to your postpaid account. The web option “update your SIM card” is available only to postpaid accounts

I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3

When she buys the new SIM at the store, the store rep can "swap" her SIM card - meaning her services, phone number and prepaid balance are transferred to the new SIM.


She could also do this herself by logging in to if she is registered to the site and is the account holder.


For the transfer of contacts, they might be able to do this in store (depends on location) or worst case she'll have to do it manually.