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Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hey Community,


Things don’t always go as planned, and sometimes we misplace things. Unfortunately, sometimes those things are super important, like our wallets or phones. We don’t have much advice for keeping wallets safe, but when it comes to your phone, we got you covered: 




If you haven’t done it yet, go to My Account on, scroll down to the Quick Actions section and click on Report Lost/Stolen Device then Continue to put a block on it.


Once that’s done, calls, texts, data and roaming services will be blocked. We’ll send you an email to confirm.


You can also request to add that device to the list of blocked IMEI to prevent it from being used on the Rogers/Fido network, as well as the networks of supporting carriers. Only the account holder can remove the restriction afterwards. 




  • You will continue to be charged your regular monthly fees since your number will remain active.
  • There will be no usage charges from the time we put the block on your line.
  • Charges for Premium text messages continue to apply if you’re subscribed to any.




  • The account holder can remove the block from My Account on (same place as where the block was added) or by dialling *611 and using the Interactive Voice Response system.


Hopefully this helped put your mind at ease!