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Text messages arriving, sending mixed up

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have a problem with longer text messages. I sometimes receive longer messages from other users that are either mixed up or paired with much older messages from the same user. On one occasion, one of my messages was sent mixed up with an old message. 


It's just annoying and not that big a deal if it's just that someone receives or sends the same message to me twice, and that I receive two messages garbled up from the same person. 


But I worry--could this problem cause a message to one person to be mixed up with a message to another person? Is there any way I could ever get a server record of the actual message I typed to show a work recipient that I didn't intend them to receive a personal message that was mixed in?



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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi FidoQRT,


From my understanding this occurs with multiple people and when you receive their messages, it will be garbled with a previous message you received from that user.


Now if the above describes the problem, the most likely culprit I would say is the device itself. I would recommend a battery pull, test it, try sending yourself a text message, see what happens.


If you are still getting this issue a master reset / software reload would be the next step. This should resolve this problem.


There is a small chance it is the sim card and even smaller that it is something stuck on our end but again unlikely. If you need to perform a reset it should be stated in the user guide or post your model number so I can give you the steps.