Syncing my G3 iphone

Syncing my G3 iphone

Syncing my G3 iphone

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Syncing my G3 iphone

My phone synced fine on my old lap top using windows XP but it won't sync on my new lap top using Windows 7 It will charge ok but how do I get it to sync?




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Help sofsibc,


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Can you please elaborate what your trying to sync exactly using the Windows 7?

Please also remember you can only sync one computer at all times for music,apps and pictures. When you try to sync multiple computer for these sync Items (it wipes the phone content and overwrites the sync items to match the computer content)


Please try the following on windows 7.

When you plug the device and you click on Computer

Under Portable devices you will see Your Iphone. If you don't see Your Iphone please refer to this link


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