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Sony W880i

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm about to buy an old school "phone" to replace my iPhone 4. 

I have about 5 months of data plan left on my iPhone which I don't want anymore. Is there anyway out of this? The reason is that I got a lemon as an iphone. Ive had so many problems but nobody at Fido ever wanted to replace my phone. The phone is also damaged. A lot of the screen doesn't work. The signal is poor and my wifi reception is horrible. Im stuck with a terrible phone!


I want to use the Sony W880i as a regular phone with text and no data plan. The Sony is unlocked. Can I use this and continue my plan with it without 3G? 


Is any of this possible? Any advice I should know about?




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Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hey Dresden!

It's very unfortunate to learn that you are experiencing issues with your iPhone 4.

I have looked up the specs of this device and could see that it is only compatible with our 2G 1900 frequency. If you get this device unlocked, it will work on our network, but only where you have access to the 1900 MHz 2G frequency. Also, you would not have any access to the 3G network.

As for the data option you currently have, if it is currently tied to a contract, removing it from the account would incur data cancellation fees. These vary depending on when you took the agreement and which add-on you have, so you would have to call to find out about the exact cost.

I hope that this clarifies! Smiley