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Sold iPhone with a scratch on the screen. Fido won't help.

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

On Sunday, I purchased a new iphone XS MAX 256gb at the Fido store downtown montreal (flagship store). The store employee turned on the phone, inserted the sim card etc. On going home and charging the phone, with the screen off, I noticed a small scratch on the surface of the screen. It was not detectable with the screen on.


I bring in the phone to the Fido store today (Tuesday, 2 days later), and was told that I must have scratched it (mind you this is scratch resistant screen on the new iphone), and that there is nothing they can do. They cannot exchange it, they cannot refund me, nothing. Even my 15 days satisfaction guarantee is void, because they said I scratched the phone.


My plan was at $49/month, it now went up to $89, and this phone is a $1729+tax phone. For a customer thats been with Fido for over 6 years, purchased a very expensive phone and locked into a 24 month contract, to do be told that there is nothing anyone can do, is terrible customer service.


I spent over an hour with Fido customer service, speaking with many agents, and supervisors, all telling me nothing can be done. It's basically up to the store. The store, 1004 St Catherine West, Montreal, has the worst people working there. The manager Nathalie and assistant manager Paul-Andre basically telling me its my fault, and to leave the store. Even the supervisor on the phone couldn't believe what they were hearing. I was asked to ask the store managers to call Dealer Support, which I did 5 times, each time the store managers refused.


I went in to the store to purchase the phone because I wanted to exchange my old Iphone 6s plus. Now I was told that I still could have done that on the phone, and not purchased through the store. But because I did, the telephone agents can do nothing. I understand that a store and your 1800 number agents are not the same entity, but for god sakes its the same company.


I was with Fido for many years, but believe me, don't make any purcahses from them. I went to Apple store, and they said they would have exchanged it for free if I had purchased from them.


Fido just lost themselves a customer



We're sad to read about your experience in the store @mikeypas. That's certainly not the level of service we expect to provide.


I'll send you a PM right away to see what we can do for you. Smiley


Talk to you soon!