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Sms messages not sending on Samsung S10

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Samsung s10, sms messages getting a "couldn't send message " failed notice. Happens with multiple contacts. Have rebooted phone and same issue. Data is turned on and I am able to use phone and data with no issue



Hey @BrotherOdd, welcome to the community! Alex here and I'll be happy to help.


Feel free to try what @Original_Lucy suggested as you may be having the same issue. There are also other things you can try to fix this issue. 


One thing you should do is reset the network settings of your device, this will bring your settings back to default and it may just fix it. Another thing I would suggest is to try your SIM card in another device, that will help you find out if the issue stems from the device itself or from something related to our network. 


If that doesn't help, you can contact our customer service and we'll take a closer look with you. You can reach out to us through any of these channels

Hi @BrotherOdd , that used to happen to me on my s10e also. I changed to a different text app and it stopped. I was using samsung messages and switched to Google messages and it seemed to rectify the situation. Hope it works for you