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Shaddy Sales Tactic

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

A Sales Rep contacted me to go back to Fido after leaving it as their competidors had a better deal. End up that the 2 years promotion of $32.50 for 20GB was actually a plan of $80.00 with a discount of $47.50. The Sales Rep never mentioned the $80.00 which I totally forgot to ask. I would say no right away for that price. I am paying $39.00 for 20GB with Koodo. Am I going crazy here or $80.00 for 20GB is a rip off. This price you would pay with premium telecom companies. If I was not sure 100% sure about Fido before now I am. I do not want to be their clients. Before signnnig up with them, make sure you check every single detail and your are confortable with them. Do not miss any detail like I did. Again, I would say no on the spot. The point here is not that I can go to another company after 2 years or try to negociate again, it does not make any sense paying $80.00 for something that sells for $39.00. Goodbye, Fido!


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Kapable, let's forget about the discount for a moment. Would you pay $80.00 for 20GB with Fido? Market currently charge $40.00-$50.00 for 20GB plan. I wish it was as easy as you wrote the options above. I called them back and the Fido Rep couldn't care less when I mentioned about the $80.00 charge. I do not want to call them back again in 2 years. The Rep said that I could cancel any time after 2 years. Then I would love to know why they called back saying that they want me back as a client if the other employee is saying that I can cancel after 2 years. It does not make sense at all to me. To make the situation even better, instead of 2 lines they actually open 3 lines, so now I have 3 charges in my credit card that I have no idea when I will get the credit back. Amazing deal I got from Fido! I should have never answered the call... 

Hello again @petitimthurn,


What I would and wouldn't pay is irrelevant, and, no you can not just put aside the discount it is the key component in the price you are actually paying which is less than the offer you noted from the competitor. Also, I'm not sure when you took the offer and what the plans were like at that time.


If you recently took the offer with a device Fido does have a satisfaction guarantee and you can return the device and cancel the financing term and do as you wish after.


It seems you don't want to go through negotiations again at the end of the term which I can understand but you should also understand that let's say you were on the $39 20GB plan and financed a device the price of the plan is not set in stone the carriers can increase the plan price at any time because the term is just for the device financing and does not guarantee the plan price.


So far at least for Fido if they do increase the plan price while you are in a device financing term they have kept the original price of the plan by adding a credit for the difference which usually drops off once the term is over then you pay the new price.



Hello @petitimthurn,


I'm not sure what was discussed between you and the agent but you would have received a confirmation email with the cost of the plan and it would also be displayed on your account, any plan that has been discounted always shows the actual value of the plan and the credit is applied on the invoice.


I'm also not sure how long you are into the 2-year term but since you are getting a discount you are technically not paying $80 for the 20GB plan you are paying $32.50 which is less than the competition, Fido also allows you to change plans even if you are on a term as long as that plan is compatible with financing a device you will incur nothing to change plans. 


You can always contact customer service and see if they also offer the $39 20GB plan which they all did when it was first introduced and if they have it I'm sure they would give it to you as it would net them an extra $6.50 a month for the same 20Gb plan.