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Safe to buy 2nd-hand iPad that was bought with Easypay and isn't paid off yet?

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I'm thinking of buying an iPad from someone who just bought it from Fido on an Easypay plan. I already have a Fido tablet data plan so I was just going to pop my SIM out of my old iPad and into this one.  


I have two questions:


- Is the iPad carrier locked to Fido?  (I didn't think iPads were ever carrier locked in Canada but recently I've heard different reports on that.


- More importantly, am I at any risk if the original owner stops making the payments or cancels their plan?  They say they are going to buy an iPad Pro at full price and continue their data/Easypay plan with that, but what if they don't? Would Fido come after me in any way, for example by repossessing the iPad or possibly disabling it on their network?


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Hey @mzvib and thanks for reaching out.


You can definitely get the Ipad and put in your sim card, it will work fine!!


No one is going to take the device back from you. However, the original owner has the possibility to add the IMEI in the blacklist, from there you wouldn't be able to use it anymore.

Ipads are already unlocked, so it won't be locked to Fido.


Hope this helps.



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