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Preowned 'lightly used' who is Fido kidding?!?

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Took a gamble on the IPhone XS Max deal recently offered at a discount with a new 2 year plan. Was going to port my wife's account from another provider as her 2 year old IPhone XR is chronically full.


The result? An obviously used phone shipped. Multiple deep scratches in the display glass. Scratching around the entire side bezel, and the back as well. And there is ear wax gunk in the earpiece opening. Even if covid wasn't an issue, that's just disgusting!


And here's the kicker: a battery health of 84%.


Her 2 year old, charged daily heavily used but in much better physical shape Iphone XR has a battery health of 89%.



So what's the policy here, can I request another to be shipped? Is it a lottery where I might get an actual honest under 30 day usage returned phone, or another one someone has used on the toilet for 2 plus years.


Or should we just tell Fido to shove it, send us a waybill to return this piece of trash and sign a new contract for her current provider?


Hi @blainehamilton , that sounds like an upsetting surprise. If I were you  I'd contact Fido support at one of the methods mentioned Here and have it replaced or returned. I'm not sure how the previously owned device program works, but I would probably return and replace it.   Cheers 

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

After 2 chat sessions fido is going to try and find a replacement to ship. The model is no longer listed on the website so we will see how that goes.


Just for kicks, I used the following method to check the phone battery cycles:


Battery cycle count is 897. So more than  2 years of more than daily charges. Not at all lightly used.