Porting From Fido to Fido

Porting From Fido to Fido

Porting From Fido to Fido

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Porting From Fido to Fido



I am currently with Fido but want to be under my dad's account who is also with Fido (add a new line). I want the same number. Is Fido able to port my number from my account to my father's account, so that way my account can be cancelled? Is keeping my same phone number possible? Please advise.





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Hello Latts,


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  Do you currently have a pre-paid or post-paid plan? If all you would like to accomplish is to transfer your account to under your father's account, that would be considered a transfer of responsibility (TOR). You should note that there is a charge for a TOR (see here). You should also note that it would not be considered the addition of a new line on your father's account so any discounts or promotions he may be offered for adding a new line won't likely apply.


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Hello @latts,


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What you are looking to do is called a transfer of responsibility. 


Your dad can take over your line but it will not be a new activation, the number and the plan stays the same.