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Phone Repair

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

My name is sukhbir singh sandhu and my phone is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am customer of Fido from last 5 years. I have two phone lines with fido and paying my bells without any delays. I am in contract on both phone lines. For xxx-xxx-xxxx, I have LG g5, and for this phone I complaint in july 2018 that its vibration is not working, network issue, battery issue and gets heat up so early while using. I went to fido store to send it for repair on 18october, 2018 and fido employee checked my phone throughly. Everything was good with phone as he told me. On 8Nov, 2018 I got call from fido employee that LG repair centre send phone back beacuse there is crack on back of phone. So, they can't repair this phone. I went to store to check my phone, and find a crack on camera glass. I told fido employee that it was not there when we sent this phone for repair and you also checked this phone throughly but he refused and said I only checked screen n didn't check from back but I spent more than 30mins in store while sending phone for repair and show everything to fido employee myself. He lied about this and further when I refused about crack he laughed at me and insulted me. I know policies of phone companies that if there is any damage on phone they will not take it for repair, respecting all policies I sent my phone without any damage. Upon my request for giving me LG repair centre contact number and email, they didn't give me and refused to give any detail also. I called myself to LG repair centre and give them every detail fido send me in email when I dropped my phone for repaired and LG employee told they never received my phone in their repair centre. I have interaction number with LG employee. So, fido store employee lied me for repair centre also. They damage my phone and now they are blaiming me. I called fido customer care after everything and they also ignored my comaplaint upon request to talk with supervisor, he refused to talk with me and didnot take my complaint as important. Althrough this I am feeling that being loyal customer from all these years, I have no values. Fido only care for business and its employees. Fido don't care for its customers. Fido store employee lied for his mistake and blaimed me. I will not take phone back without repair. I will keep record of everything and will fight for my values. Hope through this comaplaint someone will contact me and will solve my issue.
Thank you.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Sukhsandhu86!


Welcome to the community!


I am sorry to learn about the experience you had at the store.  I can assure you this is not the kind of experience we want for our customers.


I'll send you a PM so we can take a look into this further  Talk to you soon Smiley