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Order got cancelled due to service error?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Due to some kind of error my order wouldn’t go through from ordering online so I contact live chat they offered to place an order for me on May/14, they told me I’ll receive an email within 24 hours with steps to set up my account and provide a tracking number. Waited for 5 days did not get anything so I contact customer service then found out my order got cancelled by Fido support team due to some technical error.....?!

That’s fine, I then ordered it again through live chat they told me I will receive an confirmation email within12-24 hours and tracking number once they send the order, samething happened now end of May/21 DID NOT receive any confirmation or email.......very disappointed!! 




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That definitely doesn't sound right and it's not the way Fido would want you to feel. Unfortunately, in this case, you would need to contact customer service and they can help sort this out. I would suggest you contact them by phone.