Only one or 2 bar at Mt. Pleasant & Lawrence

Only one or 2 bar at Mt. Pleasant & Lawrence

Only one or 2 bar at Mt. Pleasant & Lawrence

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Only one or 2 bar at Mt. Pleasant & Lawrence

I get really bad call quality from my home (inside or out) at Mt. Pleasant & Lawrance. I upgrade from an iphone 4 because your no-technical customer service people kept telling me it was a bad simm card, bad phone, bad day.. so now i have your iphone 5 can't get LTE still get 1 or 2 bars **bleep** treception while I envy my visitors with telus and bell hitting 5 bars no problem.

A technical genuis in fido c/s told me tonight it was because I had large trees on my property. I guess telus have a tree friendly network.

 What garbage support.

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Hey brucer!

It is unfortunate to learn of your reception issues.

I have verified and there should be no reason for you to experience this issue (You have a very good coverage, 2G, 3G, 4G and LTE).

Do you have this issue everywhere you go or is it only around your property?

Did you ask to have this escalated to our network support team? If not, I'd suggest that you do. They can open a ticket to have this investigated.

Let me know.

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I live at Roselawn/Avenue and I just upgraded from S2 to S5. Now my signal is weak. Only 1-2 bars in my apartment, 3 if Im lucky. Should I remove the latest KitKat update? Would this fix the issue?

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Hey metrosuperstar,

I know its been a while but was wondering if you ever got this fixed?