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No phone service in Burford area

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

So for the last week I have been contacting Fido themselves and Jack for information on why my service is not working in this area of Burford Ontario they ended up telling me that they were playing with their cell phones under the towers to make sure that there was service as they were under the tower the tech guy said there is no service then walked 10 feet away from the tower and he got service I still don't have service it is in an out and I just want to know why it's not getting fixed or if the signal is too weak in my area what are you doing to fix it  since you guys can't call a technician on the ground how do I figure out my problem to help the situation I was asked to contact the community so I hope somebody out there in our community notices this and can help in anyway possible because Fido has no idea what they are doing  so if the community does please feel free to reach out to me and give me some answers as how to fix somebody else is tower for the company thank you and have a great day


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Hello Fix123,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you're having issues with cellular reception in your area. Unfortunately, there do not appear to be very many Fido/Rogers cellular towers in the area:


~taken from here.


  In addition to proximity to cellular towers, there are many factors which can influence cellular reception (see here and here). Furthermore, different mobile devices can vary in their cellular receptivity. That's why no mobile provider can guarantee service. There are just too many factors beyond their control. Also, what phone are you using? Was it purchased from Fido? If it was purchased from elsewhere, have you verified it has the necessary compatible bands/frequencies? You can view the compatible bands/frequencies here. It should be noted that the closest Fido/Rogers cellular towers do not appear to use all of the compatible bands/frequencies.


  There is, however, another provider's cellular tower in the town. It's possible your device had been connecting to that cellular tower as extended coverage (Fido-EXT). With the roaming agreements, there is no charge for using extended coverage. However, there are some limitations to its usage (ie majority of your usage still needs to be your home network). Note that accessing extended coverage can happen even in your own Province. Since there are no Fido/Rogers cellular towers closer to your location, the majority of your usage would likely be on extended coverage. If that's the case, it's possible access to extended coverage had been blocked.


  If the Fido/Rogers cellular signal is not adequate in your area (or your device is unable to receive the available signal) , you might consider purchasing a signal booster. If you choose this route, you would need to verify the product amplifies compatible bands/frequencies.


  Unfortunately, if your circumstances don't allow for adequate Fido/Rogers cellular signal, there isn't much that can be done. It's a common misunderstanding that any mobile provider will suit everyone everywhere. That simply isn't the case. If you spend a good portion of time outside of a mobile provider's coverage, perhaps that mobile provider isn't the right one for you. As previously mentioned, the majority of your usage needs to be on your home network. If you live outside of (or on the edge of) Fido/Rogers coverage, you would likely need to switch the network providing the extended coverage.


  Alternatively, if you have access to Wifi and your device is supported for Wifi-calling, you might be able to continue with Fido using that feature while you're in Burford.


Hope this helps 😀




Hello again,


 Just to add to my previous reply...


@Fix123 wrote:

... as they were under the tower the tech guy said there is no service then walked 10 feet away from the tower and he got service...

  It would not be unusual for there to not be any cellular signal directly under the cellular tower. The cellular signals are directed outward, away from the cellular towers. They are not generally directed downwards. That would explain why the technical service operator did not receive signal under the tower. It should also be noted that, contrary to popular belief, the cellular signals are not omni-directional. That is, the signals do not radiate outward from the cellular towers in concentric circles. The are rather broadcast in sectors. There is a good graphic and explanation here. Even though a device might be relatively close to a cellular tower, it may happen to lie in an area with less signal strength compared to another area equally distant from the cellular tower.


Hope this helps 😀