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New bill after cancelling the service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

i had 4 lines with fido and eventually cancel my all the lines after the bill goes up by $20 on each line.. and when i cancel the serviCe 1 day after bill generated, they said i have to pay full bill for now and next month i will get the refund.. instead of giving me the final bill they asked to pay bill or else late fees will be applied.. such a joke.. thank god i left for better and never coming back..



Hello @Fbbgesxcf244Xx,


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The bills are produced at the beginning of your cycle, which explains why even if you cancel a few days after your cycle start date, the full payment will be required. Then when your final bill is released, it covers all charges and credits until the last day you had service, refunding any potential charges from the day you cancel until the end of that cycle.


Hope this helps.