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New Device Order - in store pickup cancelled without any communication

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I made an order for s23 ultra for in-store pickup. In the confirmation email I was advised to wait for "ready for pickup" email.
After waiting for 3 days for the email, I contacted support through chat and was told that store had cancelled the order. Today I have received an email from back-office saying that your express pickup window has expired.

First thing, the online system only shows the store by checking the inventory so there is no reason for store to say that they don't have the phone in stock. To me appears that they have just sold phones they had in-store physically for their commission with the knowledge that they have online orders.  Stores and store manager should be taught to put the clients' interest first than their own.

Second thing, if my order was not confirmed for real, then why would fido post the amount on my credit card. The phones nowadays are expensive and putting a big amount on credit puts strain on people like me who has to manage their balance.

Third, now when I login to purchase the same device, price shows up as increased around 200 dollars and not allowing 0 down payments.


Overall, the situation has been handled poorly and it is very disappointing to experience this inconvenience, especially when i just bought from fido for convenience rather then going with other stores such as best buy who offers in-store credits on top.


I would like to file a formal complaint for this, so if anyone has contact information for this, please let me know




Hey @darjikr , sorry to hear that happened to you. Here is a link for reporting you concerns. Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page and you will see a link for reporting concerns and complaints. I hope that helps and you are able to get some satisfaction.