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Motorola Thinkphone | Nokia X30 5G, XR20 - Can we expect on Fido?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

@Fido / Rogers:

Can we expect the Motorola Thinkphone being offered here? It seems a great business phone with good gaming specs and seeing it exclusively on Fido with some great offers would be appreciated.

Additionally, budget Nokia phones would also be great to see in the android domain her on Fido. Can we expect them in Canada?

Thank you.


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Hello Manavleopushpan,


  Welcome to the community!


  You should note this forum is community-driven. I don't think anyone here would be privy to that information. Even if someone here did know details about possible future devices, they would likely not be able to discuss such matters until the devices are officially announced on


  That said, we can speculate as to whether those devices might be available or not. With regards to the Motorola Thinkphone, I think it would be rather unlikely for Fido to offer that device. As you note, that device is engineered toward businesses. Most Fido customers would not require such a business-focussed device. If it were to be available at Canadian carriers, I would expect it would only be available through the so-called Big Three providers (see here). In addition to their general consumers, they also cater to business accounts.


  With regards to Nokia devices, I think the situation is a little less clear without any behind-the-scenes information. As far as I can gather, distribution of Nokia devices in North America is through HMD Global. At one point, they had an agreement with Rogers to offer Nokia devices through Chatr (see here). More recently, a Nokia device was offered through a partnership with Videotron (see here). Unfortunately, I cannot find any Nokia devices on either Chatr's or Videotron's websites so it's possible those partnerships are no longer standing. If any Nokia devices are to be available through Canadian carriers, there would need to be a partnership with the mobile providers and HMD Global (assuming they still have Nokia brand rights). I am not aware of any current partnerships.


Hope this helps 😀